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The Awl Tries (and Fails) to Defend Pick-Up Artist Ken Hoinsky


Context! Note: Hoinsky does not say she will gladly touch your dick because she likes you. Sex is, after all, the result of giving up your paralyzing shyness to embrace your selfish, naked hostility toward women. I did read the entirety of Hoinsky’s quite tedious Reddit posts, and in context, frankly, this stuff is even worse. In context, Hoinsky recommends the pushing her hand onto your penis thing after you’ve spent hours constantly testing her boundaries and pretending that you don’t understand polite demurrals, so that by the time you’ve gotten to the penis-touching, she has gotten the message that you will not be taking no for an answer tonight.


I do not want to keep harping on this topic, considering that Ken Hoinsky himself has admitted wrongdoing, issued an apology, and is working to change the text in the final version of his book. Which, frankly, is really good of him.


Yesterday an article was published on The Awl which took time to call me several names before proceeding to mount the same tired bullshit defense of “Above The Game” that I’d heard over and over last week, the cornerstone of which was getting exasperated and shouting the word “Context!” over and over.

The first major problem with the “Context” argument is that the chapters containing the excerpts I posted were taken down by Ken Hoinsky. He removed the larger context which I linked to in my original post keeping anyone from seeing that, hey, the larger text didn’t actually excuse anything that he had said.

The second major problem with the Context argument is outlined by Amanda Marcotte above, more clearly and perfectly than I could have. No one else had said this, and it was driving me a little crazy. 

So, thank you Amanda, for making this point. 

As for the things in The Awl article… Well, as I said on Twitter - 
Maria Bustillos may have called me “some fool who can’t read,” but she also said that I posted two quotes from Hoinsky’s work when I in fact posted four.

So while I may be illiterate, at least I can count.


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